My Story

On February 6, 2011, I switched to a paleo diet cold turkey (no grains, no sugar, no legumes, minimal dairy). Our first child was eight months old at the time and I'd bounced back from pregnancy and child birth as well as I was going to bounce back without bumping things up a notch (I was mostly just tired of getting my butt kicked at CrossFit).

Within a couple months, I was feeling great. I had shed the remaining baby weight and then some, along with other benefits. I noticed, however, a wee bit of eczema starting on the middle finger of my right hand. I experimented with excluding some more common allergens like eggs and nuts, to no avail. [Note: I had pretty severe eczema as a kid, but had been symptom-free for many years.]

Around the same time, my mom was battling SEVERE eczema all over her body. As a Registered Dietition, she happened to attend a talk by Dr. Joneja. A light bulb went off when hearing about histamine intolerance and she embarked on a low histamine diet (not an easy task). Eventually, after my eczema got progressively worse (and I'd lost probably too much weight, for fear of eating anything), I buckled down and gave the low histamine diet a try. Truth be told, I was hoping against hope it would be just one food (e.g. eggs) to give up, not the ever-so-complicated histamine intolerance.

In short, the LH diet cleared my eczema to a point where I could actually re-incorporate some foods, such as avocado and chocolate (in moderation of course, which can be a challenge at times). I was also relying on the occasional DAO supplement when letting my hair down. After several months, I was satisfied with my histamine tolerance level and the little evidence of eczema I was sustaining.

When I became pregnant with our second child in 2013 I soon noticed my skin clearing up entirely and a lack of reaction to the usual suspects. Turns out, the placenta produces loads of diamine oxidase, which balances out histamine in the body (and which I believe I'm usually deficient in) - yay! Unfortunately, within weeks of the birth of baby #2, the eczema returned, and this time with a vengeance - I seemed to be even more sensitive than pre-pregnancy.

And so, in March 2014, I started the autoimmune protocol, low histamine edition, in the hopes of putting my eczema into remission and emptying my "histamine bucket." It's a roller coaster.


  1. Hi!
    I just started a low histamine diet and am thankful for your posts. I see it's been a while and wanted to see how your doing? Also, did you have UTIs and sinus infections? Just trying to get my stuff straight! Kelly

  2. What week of your pregnancy did you notice your symptoms going away? I am currently 6 weeks pregnant, but still having some symptoms. I've read in some places that it might not start getting better until the 2nd semester of pregnancy when the placenta takes over. Just curious how it was with you