Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Autoimmune Protocol: 3 Month Mark

So here's where we stand - my skin is in good shape. It was near perfection at one point, but has back-tracked a wee bit. Nothing major, but still annoying. On June 5, I challenged egg yolks. Just egg yolks. This was followed 2-3 days later with some fairly mild, but not insignificant, reaction. And so my problem is - was it indeed caused by the yolks, or were other factors at play? The constant analysis continues, but in a manageable way for sure.

On a related note, my complexion was superb about one month ago but has gone downhill from about as soon as I dared utter the words out loud. Weird. Maybe too many veggie chips? Maybe small bit of sunflower oil I later discovered hiding in my peppermint oil after making delicious peppermint patties? Maybe post-partum hormones? My complexion is currently similar to what it was during pregnancy (not good, by my assessment anyway).

Since my last food diary, I've been eating much the same. Some adjustment in veggie choices as the seasons change, nothing radical. I don't plan to continue posting my food diary, mostly 'cause it's labour intensive and perhaps we're all tired of it anyway? You get the idea - every meal looks like supper.

From here, I plan to give my skin a few more days to recover from my most recent (albeit mild) flares, after which point I plan to challenge almonds. I miss them. And I promise to try not to go overboard out of the gate. Fingers crossed.

Photo thieved from http://eatgoodfood.org/are-almonds-good-for-you/

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  1. hello! I have been off topical steroids for almost 10 months and am about to go full low histamine to control my eczema. I used topical steroids for years and they destroyed my hands :( i am unsure if i have food intolerance issues or if its just due to the steroid use. Take care and I will look forward to following your blog.