Friday, January 31, 2014

Enough already

After several weeks of progressively bad eczema, I caved about a week ago and have been using hydrocortisone to tame my skin. We took baby Simon in for his first check-up and I got to talking with my doctor who offered to write me a prescription. It's a low concentration which I've been applying once at bedtime (thin layer). It's crazy how well - and quickly - this stuff works. It's certainly not a long-term solution in any way, but I admit it's helping me battle the post-partum-winter-coldness-baby-to-care-for situation in which I currently find myself.

My sense is, without the cortisone use and despite the diet considerations, my eczema would still be progressing before healing. I'm still experiencing the odd touch of itchiness, maybe once a day (which is actually not too bad). Anyhow, I'll give the cortisone a rest for the next week or so and we'll see how things develop over that time. Fingers crossed.

Below is a chronological account of the eczema on cortisone. Again, apologies for the bad photography!


  1. have you thought about about Ayurvedic diet? this is a diet that is naturally low in histamine ! In addition, it is very balanced (in every meal you need to include all 6 types of tastes, sweet, sour, etc), Perhaps the paleo diet is too limiting for your body. Ayurveda recommends to eat rice (as some version of paleo diet also do - see "safe starches"), and also other grains (but recommends special preparations).

    so perhaps you have a look at ayurveda!

  2. Hi paleothoughts

    I discovered you almost a year ago when i was dealing with my own histamine issues and those of my son. My issues seem to only start (skin rashes and infections) after we started a paleo-ish diet and since then I've learned that histamine is a stress-response. I encourage you to read Matt Stone's blog - his approach although weird can save your sanity. At first I hated what he wrote but the more i read and was open minded about it all the more I healed. The kindle version of his book - 12 paleo myths - is now free on amazon. i dare you to read it.

  3. Thanks Daleen - I'll check it out.

  4. I feel for you. I've had progressively worse hand eczema for about 2 years now. Finally it seems to be going into remission following the AIP Paleo diet. But it's not healed all the way and so I'm having to explore possible hinderances to it healing "all the way". My 5 year old son also has eczema (all over) and it's at its worst. I haven't yet turned him over to the AIP Paleo diet, but hope to once the summer comes and he's not at school. One thing I think is important for us moms is to have grace on ourselves. I would think that right now you are dealing with so much--a newborn baby, that to use a crutch (cortisone cream) for a short period until you feel like you can emotionally deal with the strain of the eczema is okay. Don't feel bad/guilty to use it! And there will come a time when you feel enough courage and emotional stability to dive in fully to the diet again! I say this to you because I have to say this to myself. It's so hard to be patient! Anyway, I know you don't know me, but I found your blog in my own search for others using diet to heal eczema. And when I read this post I felt compelled to encourage you. Eczema can leave us feeling despair at times. Take hope!!!

  5. Thank you for your comment and encouragement, Lori. I've been reading more into the AIP paleo diet with interest (and, admittedly some despair and further eliminations/complexity). What resources are you using to guide your diet? Do you refer to The Paleo Mom?