Saturday, October 26, 2013

Miracle (but temporary) cure for histamine intolerance

My mom, who is a dietician and first "discovered" histamine intolerance in our family, recently attended an educational session with Dr. Janice Joneja. From what I can tell, Dr. Joneja is THE expert on histamine intolerance (among other mostly food allergy-related topics). During this session, Dr. Joneja confirmed my suspicion that I was indeed experiencing some kind of pregnancy-related relief from HIT symptoms.

This is an excerpt from an earlier article of Dr. Joneja's (this article includes a good food list to avoid - which promises to be both helpful and depressing):

"[...] many women with both allergies and histamine intolerance find significant relief of their symptoms during pregnancy; this is because the placenta makes a great deal of DAO, the enzyme that breaks down histamine. The result is that the level of histamine no longer exceeds the woman’s tolerance threshold, and she remains blissfully free from her symptoms throughout her pregnancy."

Now I ask you: is there anything the placenta can't do? What a fabulous vacation from food bland-ville this has been. In fact, I may decide to simply keep having children until my body refuses. 

As I enter into my last six or so weeks of pregnancy, I am already lamenting the fate that awaits me. As, according to Dr. Joneja, "[...] the symptoms tend to recur once the DAO from the placenta is no longer available after the birth of her child."

For now, I intend to savour my food freedom. Let the bacon, avocado, and condiments flow (for a few more weeks)!


  1. I was wondering which nautropath you have gone to in pei? I also eat paleo so was wanting to find one who is familiar with that. Thanks!

  2. Sorry for delayed response, Paulette. I went to Dr. Lana McMurrer