Sunday, April 28, 2013

A diet evolving

[Note: This post was originally drafted in April, so I've back-dated it accordingly. I did this because at that point I wasn't publicly pregnant. At just over half way, I figure I'm at least safer now.]

The last several weeks (let's say about 5 weeks) have been exceptional. I find the inside of the fridge off putting, my body must be fed at least every 3 hours, and the mere idea of cooking my regular fare is stomach turning. You see, I'm currently about nine weeks pregnant. And if you've ever been pregnant, you can appreciate it can throw your relationship with food into a bit of a tailspin.

So here's we we stand:

- I have resorted to adding gluten-free bread to my diet. This is due in part to convenience (need to snack seemingly constantly or suffer a ride on the queasy train) and, more importantly, to wonky food aversions and cravings. I'm cutting myself some slack here.
- If I'm to be fully honest here, I've also had more gluten these past weeks than I probably have the two full years prior. Certainly not an everyday occurrence, but I am guilty of enjoying the naan bread with my recent trip for Churchill Arms curry.
- Related to my comment above re cooking, I have no appetite whatsoever for the food I usually eat. The last thing I want first thing in the morning is eggs, and I can't stomach the thought of beef and cooked veggies (least of all sweet potato).
- My intake of fruit has increased, which wasn't a lot to start with and doesn't concern me to a large extent at this point.

Anyhow, I've been thinking a lot about this (temporary) new state and the following have been my observations...

- My skin (i.e. eczema) has actually been great. I've been using Aloette Nutri Mist daily, and have reduced my beef intake fairly dramatically. I suspect these are both factors.
- I'm not actually puking (except for one particularly wretched 12-24 hour period the other week when I went too long without eating and the result was the subsequent expulsion of all ingested food/drink items).
- I'm pregnant - yay! We're very excited to give little Molly-Pop a sibling. Note: Molly will not be getting the "twin babies" (boy AND girl) she's been requesting.

- My belly is popping out, and popping out quickly. I need to not get carried away here on the "I'm pregnant and am going to eat whatever comes to mind" train. This may prove a bit challenging.
- My energy level is generally taking a nose dive. I'm hopeful trimester two will be better in this regard. Also hoping, of course, that food preferences will balance back to a better neighbourhood.
- My mouth feels yucky, not all the time, but certainly enough. I suspect this is linked to an increase in sugars (natural and otherwise).

So, we'll see how it all turns out.


  1. When you're preggers your DOA goes up. You're my hero. Xo

  2. It is the BEST, Emma. It has me daydreaming about many subsequent pregnancies ;-) Although I have to admit, I'm a bit nervous of the return-to-low-histamine that will follow this hiatus.

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