Monday, January 7, 2013

I'm not one to take pills, BUT...

I want to be clear here - I was raised in a home where you more or less had to have an arm hanging off before there was a visit to the doctor, let alone taking medications of any kind. I'm not inclined to 'take stuff' aside from, say, vitamins. However, I also cannot accept a life without tomatoes, wine, chocolate, condiments, etc.

Much to my relief, there is a 'supplement' for histamine intolerance. It's essentially the diamine oxidase enzyme (DAO) sourced from pigs (porcine kidney) in capsule form. You take one or two capsules with your food and the idea is your body then has the DAO to balance out the histamine.

So does it work?
Yes, I think it helps. Of course, nothing beats a low histamine diet, which should be the first defence. But we're all human, and every now and again it's nice to indulge in beef jerky or aged cheese. I believe taking DAO with my histamine-filled holiday meals did help reduce my symptoms (eczema) from bad to something fairly manageable.

Where to get it
My first DAO experience was with Histame, but they are expensive. To my pre-Christmas delight, I found a better source in Swanson Health Products. I've only ordered from them once so far, but it was a good experience - reasonable shipping to Canada, and the package arrived within only a week or so if I recall (my Histame seemed to take forever).


  1. Swanson won't ship to the UK. I've just tried.

  2. Shoot - though it seems to me that DAOsin is UK-based, so you may be able to source it elsewhere.

  3. I know this post is old but hoping you have found how to get the DAO enzyme in the US or shipped from Europe? Was told by one vendor that an ingredient is held up in customs. Really do not want to lose having this as it truly works. Thanks!

  4. Diamine oxidase from porcine kidney is a homodimer consisting of 2 equal subunits with a molecular weight of 87 kDa each. Each subunit contains one molecule of pyridoxal phosphate and one atom of copper. diamine oxidase