Friday, January 11, 2013

How I treat coffee

I've been reflecting on coffee today. You see, up until about a year and a half ago, I was not a partaker. I eventually started drinking coffee for a few (not compelling) reasons: the social element, reduced sleep-in ops that come with parenthood (i.e. slow to warm-up in the morning), and the neat Keurig machine at my new office at the time. Coffee also seemed to have a bit of a paleo feel/acceptance, as there seemed to be a number of folks who regularly enjoyed a heavy cream/coconut milk/almond milk version.

For the last year and a half, I've been drinking coffee with whipping(!) cream about five days per week (Monday to Friday). With the odd exception when breakfasting or brunching out, I don't drink coffee on weekends. I feel this approach keeps my coffee drinking "in check" (like sugar, I try to keep some discipline over addictive foods). What's interesting about this intermittent approach is that I observe the impact of coffee fairly regularly. For example, some Saturdays I find I have a dull headache for a good part of the day, or my energy level isn't what it should be. I generally take this scenario to mean I've had too much coffee through the week (note to self: keep it at one cup a day).

Regular coffee with a  good helping of whipping cream.

On the flip side, my Monday re-introduction to caffeine often results in the jitters - especially those odd Monday mornings when I tell myself I need that second cup. On a related note, I've been on an enviable stretch of post-Christmas leave from work this week. As a result, I've only had one coffee Monday morning with a friend, and another coffee date this morning (Friday). This morning I enjoyed a real chai latte (not that syrup crap), plus a regular coffee (which was absolutely not necessary). Since the coffee, I've been buzzing like hummingbird. It's a weird feeling I'm not sure I like. On the upside, I've done quite a few chores around the house.

So, with these considerations and observations in mind, I'm formalizing my personal rules guidelines for coffee consumption:
  • Limit coffee days to no more than five days per week
  • Limit individual servings on any coffee day to one
  • Do not drink any coffee concoctions with sweetener (especially that syrup nonsense)
  • Resist the temptation to by a fancy coffee maker for home
  • Do not let these (perfectly reasonable) guidelines make you batty about coffee drinking

Anyone else out there conscious about coffee consumption? 

Note: I don't find coffee to bother me from a histamine perspective. My brother suggests it does negatively affect his eczema, despite it being "allowed" according to the International Chronic Urticaria Society.

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  1. Coffee beans are fermented after they're harvested. It's supposed to be washed clean of fermentation residues, but I'm sure some processes leave more or less histamine in the beans. Would roasting destroy that histamine? I don't know, but I have found that different coffees seem to have differing impacts on me, histamine-wise. Or at least I want to believe this when I order my occasional drip!