Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sausage Curry Spaghetti

From time to time, when my skin has been good and I have a hankering, I'll cave and allow myself a histaime-filled meal. On one hand, it's delicious. On the other hand, it definitely induces various symptoms and ultimately saddens me at the deliciousness I can no longer enjoy with reckless abandon. This experimental meal was most certainly worth it. The amounts are guesstimates here, as I really didn't measure anything. I'd say there's a fair bit of flex here.


Prepping veggies first is always a good idea. I often launch into cooking too quickly, when taking the proper pre-prep time would ultimately make things run more smoothly.
Oh sausage, how I miss thee. I believe this was my first post-histamine intolerance, no Histame, sausage experience.  


  1. Prep and bake your spaghetti squash (I admit I usually just poke a few holes and nuke mine for 5-7 minutes per side. I baking proper, you'll want to stick it in the oven first thing.)
  2. Slice and fry up your sausage (I think I used a wee bit of coconut oil to get it started)
  3. As the sausage nears the end, add coconut milk, curry powder and cinnamon
  4. Through in your sliced peppers and apple (or any veggies really)
  5. Stir well, let simmer a short while
  6. When your squash is ready, add about half of the spaghetti (or more if you like, I'd probably go with more next time) to your mixture
  7. Serve up and enjoy! Makes about four good sized servings.

Note: The sauce is a bit runny. You could stand to use some kind of thickener to make it just a bit better.

Okay, so it doesn't look awesome, but it sure tasted it. I blame this in part to poor iPad photo results.

If you're curious, it turns out a meal like this confirms my histamine intolerance. After consuming histamine-containing or generating foods, I typically have an immediate reaction, including some itchiness. The main reaction though, will usually follow 12-24 hours later. Below is a picture from the day after eating this sausage dish. As long as I otherwise keep the histamine dialed back and am proactive with the emu oil (fantastic stuff!), I recover pretty quickly.

Prior to this, my skin was mostly clear. This photo was taken the day after eating this sausage dish.

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  1. I love your blog! Have you been tested for a mast cell activation disorder?