Thursday, January 19, 2012

30 Day Challenge - Day 18

This post is something of a confession. At the start of the month, the girls at the gym launched a 30 day paleo challenge. We've not been strict with rules, rather, it's largely dependent on each of us to determine how clean/strict/paleo we want to strive for. Having see a few of the girls at the gym last Saturday - there's definitely lots of progress being made.

I started the month guns blazing. I've done 30 days extreme low histamine paleo, I can do this blindfolded. I'm going to go the strictest of paleo and ruthless on sugar (e.g. not so much as an apple). Or so I thought. 

I don't know what's going on in my body, but I've run off the rails. I'm eating too much. (Actually, I'm being dramatic. But when you've been very disciplined for almost a year, it feels dramatic.) To be fair, my going "off the rails" entails the likes of Elana's coconut bars, almond butter by the spoonful, and the worst so far just tonight - dark chocolate. Depending on your perspective, that's really not so bad. (Hey, it could be skittles sandwiches.)

Actually, if I didn't know better (and trust me, I do), I'd suspect I were pregnant. Sadly, only food babies in this oven. 

As with any personal health-related issues, I've cooked up a couple of theories as to why I'm running into trouble...

1) I'm finally starting to become tired of, and ultimately dissatisfied with, the low histamine restrictions of my diet.

2) My last stretch of extra strict eating was only two months ago. I wasn't really ready to launch into another just yet.

3) I shouldn't have tried to go quite so strict, but allowed myself a daily apple or two. Then perhaps I wouldn't be in this overeating predicament.

So here's the revised plan. As of tomorrow, I'm giving myself a daily apple allotment. No other sugars, but an apple or two each day to satisfy whatever this is. I'm also going to make a point to mix up my meal options - which started tonight with a delicious zucchini carbonara recipe from Mark Sisson's Quick & Easy Meals (but then remember? I followed it with dark chocolate). 

So here goes, wish me luck. Oh, and don't tell the girls at the gym.

Delighted to finally use the mandolin function on my lettuce spinner. Will do that again.

I added chicken :-)


  1. Hey Sarah. Perhaps you're trying to improve your blood pressure reading to be more in line with your colleague, Joan! :-)

  2. Ha! Maybe I should be taking up cigarettes, that oughta fix me...

  3. Don't forget the XL Tims - 3 x 4 in a double cup! :-)

  4. Hey Sarah! If you dabble in naturopathy try this link. I have it bookmarked and refer to it when I need a little guidance through food cravings. Hope you can find enough food references here to suit your foody style.