Friday, August 5, 2011

Reading Paleo Magazine

Just a quick post to share my delight over receiving my first Paleo Magazine in the mail. I've been anxiously awaiting this second edition since swapping my subscription to Women's Health for this new paleo-centred publication. I enjoyed it earlier this evening with a handful or two of organic coconut flakes.

I believe this edition has convinced me to finally go "no 'poo," thanks to one of my very favourite paleo bloggers, CaveGirlEats. I love the idea of replacing costly chemical-loaded personal care products with the likes of coconut oil, baking soda, and vinegar. And with hair this short, I can certainly affort the risk and possible transition time. I'll keep you posted on how it works. My one reservation is around the vinegar - as it's a high histamine food. Sigh.

With the money I'll no doubt save on personal care crap, maybe I'll treat myself to a cool new pair of Vibrams, which are also found inside the Paleo Magazine pages. I've been debating these for a while now, but am still in the phase where I have to demonstrate a legit need. For example, a legit need led to my food processor splurg. Meanwhile, a lack of legit need has supressed my urge to run out and buy an iPad 2 (blogging from the couch as opposed to the computer chair does not a legit need demonstrate).

Even Molly had a leaf through the shiny new magazine today. Plus, there's a gluten-free article for Tim. Everybody wins.


In other news, I seem to be onto something with this low histamine business. I've been hard core dialed in on the diet of late and will update soon on the eczema situation...

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