Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fudge Babies

I don't like dates. Or, I thought I didn't like dates, until I tried them in larabars. Then in this magical little recipe. I'm not big on these new-fangled acronyms the kids are all using, but OMG. So simple, so fudgy and delicious. And mostly dates? Wow.

There are lots of variations on this recipe out there, it's a good one to experiment with.

1 1/3 C pitted dates
1 C walnuts
4 T cocoa
1 t vanilla extract

Simply run all of the ingredients through your food processor until it's all mixed and kinda doughy, ready to be rolled into balls. Roll into balls or make into bars. Keep them in the fridge. At this point I only have a small food processor, so I half the recipe. Saving up for a major processor upgrade now that I've demonstrated my need (if only for these delightful treats).

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